China Firewall Test Report

Test Information

  • Website:
  • Test date: Feb. 20, 2024, 5:35 p.m.
  • Test servers location:
    • Shanghai: Population 23.4 million
    • Beijing: Population 18.8 million
    • Shenzhen: Population 12.7 million
    • Guangzhou: Population 11.6 million
    • Chengdu: Population 10.2 million
    • Chongqing: Population 8.5 million
    • Tianjin: Population 12.8 million
  • Number of resources found: 10

Hosting: Grade E ( Blocked in China )

Hosting Performance Grades

Grade Description
Grade A Hosting server responds within 300ms.
Grade B Hosting server responds within 301-500ms.
Grade C Hosting server responds within 501-1000ms.
Grade D Hosting server responds within 1001-2000ms.
Grade E Hosting server faces accessibility issues or timeouts during requests attempts in China.

LINK: How does Hosting Performance Test work?


Resource Performance Grades

Grade Description
Grade A Resources are lightning-fast, reachable within 100 milliseconds. The domain provider also supports China mainland for optimal accessibility.
Grade B Resources load swiftly, reaching within 101-200 milliseconds, ensuring a seamless user experience.
Grade C Resources respond well, reaching within 201-500 milliseconds, offering acceptable performance levels.
Grade D Resources exhibit a moderate reach time of 501-1000 milliseconds, indicating slightly slower performance.
Grade E Resources face accessibility issues or timeouts during reach attempts in China, suggesting poor performance for this domain.
Resource Domain Number of Resources Found Number of Resources Timeout Average Reach Time Grade 1 1 timeout E 9 9 timeout E

LINK: What is the Resource Performance Test and how does it work?

LINK: Is reach time the same as download time?

Understanding the Impact

Your website is currently inaccessible in China. This means that anyone trying to visit your site from this region will be unable to do so.

Instead of seeing your website’s content, users in China will only see a blank page. This can significantly impact your reach and potential business opportunities in this market.

The figure below provides a visual representation of what users in China experience when trying to access your website:

“Website Unavailable in China”: This shows what users in China see - a blank page, indicating that your website is blocked in this region.

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